Welsh Track Champs-Jan 14/15th 2017


Today was the IP (individual pursuit), always a really hard event. This year as I’m Junior the length has increased from 2km to 3km which is only an extra 4 laps of the track but feels a lot longer. I went out hard and tried to hold it, ended up doing a 3:36:11. Was pleased with my time as its only the second 3km pursuit I’ve ever done. Got bronze. Key learning points: felt like i got the pacing right, possibly went out a little bit too hard at the start and payed for it in the last 2 laps.


Today was the Scratch and Points races. Scratch was first and being 40 laps long was going to be fast. with about 23 laps to go i was off the front with Ieuan, he swung up and went back to the group early on leaving me by myself  In hindsight I should have swung up too, but kept riding and got caught with 9 laps to go. I then protected my legs by not doing much if any work, and then attacked again with 3 to go. Unfortunately i got caught with 3/4 of a lap to go. Ended up finishing 7th. Key learning points: be more confident in my sprinting ability and be more observant when off the front. Points race ( got shortened from 50 laps to 32). right from sprint one i started to waste a bit too much energy, making a big effort only to gain 1point. This isn’t all bad as I came from a long way back and showed that I had a lot of speed in my legs. Later on I bridged over to a break which may have stuck if we worked better together, the rest of the race was quite similar as i just wasted a bit too much energy here and there meaning i was putting my efforts in at the wrong times.

Legs felt good all weekend Lots of positives as well as lessons learnt.

Well done to Matt Burke for winning all three events 🙂