Majorca and Primavera Road Race


I left for Majorca with Dan Maclean-Howell early Thursday Morning. The flight was uneventful and we got to the hotel quickly despite a hire car problem. The plan was to get a big block of training in before the races start to come thick and fast. We had brilliant weather all week, which made the riding even better, as well as this I got to ride Sa Calobra a couple of times, and beat a couple of PBs.

Primavera Road Race

This was my first E/1/2 road race on the road at a distance of 91km. Considering the big block of training I had just done in Majorca a couple of days ago my legs were really good on the day as well as this I felt like I got my nutrition prefect on the day and the days leading up to the race. I was well hydrated and full of energy. over night oats definitely work :).

At the start of the race a group of 6 ridders got up the road but only had 20-30 seconds. After two laps it wasn’t coming back so I tried to get across to them over the top of the climb with two other riders, unfortunately the bunch brought us back and the racing slowed down; giving the break a chance to consolidate its lead. The break got up to 1min 50sec at its max. I stayed near the front protecting my legs making sure I was alert, drinking and eating. With 1 lap left of the loop a team got to the front and started chasing I was about 6 or 7th wheel and was protected from the cross wind. Over the top of the climb before we turned right to go back to the finish I followed an attacked with another rider. (legs felt really strong) 5 more riders came across to us and we started to chain gang. From our group of 6 it came down to a sprint. I rushed the back of the group and came round with lots of speed and got a gap quickly only 2 riders came round me at the end I finished 9th. Probably could have finished higher if I had started my sprint later. I also think if I had rolled with the moves earlier on I could have got into the break. Overall really good race and a great experience.