Betty Pharaoh 12th March 2017

Today was the E/1/2 Betty Pharaoh race starting and finishing in Cowbridge,  a rolling 28km loop which we completed 4times ( including neutralised, 120km).

I knew the race was going to be fast as there were a number of One Pro riders racing including Kristian House. Learning my lessons from the Primavera race in Devon I was rolling with the moves from the start. However I probably should have been more aware and looking around at what was going on behind. The first lap was full  of attacks. I tried to get away a few times, getting into small groups of 4 which looked like they were going to stay away but the bunch was chasing hard.

At the end of lap 3 one of the One Pro riders got off the front, unfortunately I had just come back after going with a move so hesitated and missed the break. For the next lap it was very attack, stop, attack stop, repeat.. Eventually two Bath riders jumped away. I probably should have gone as I was in a good position to go but just didn’t have the guts and was unsure so I hesitated. If I had gone with them I  possibly would have made it across, but I’ll learn for next time.

The next two laps were full of attacks.  Again I got into some good moves and on the last time up the slip road I attacked with a One Pro rider and Ride Bike Canyon rider.  I really dug deep to push the move on but the field was strung out with 10m then a bunch of riders then another 10metres and another bunch of riders. This meant it was easier for the peloton to come back together. I tried again and jumped across to a group consisting of 2 One Pro riders and a Catford rider, but again it came back together about one km later.

I then knew it was going to come down to a sprint.  I stayed near the front about 10th wheel whilst some riders pushed hard on the front making it easier to sit in the bunch. I started my sprint about 6th wheel but went backwards, finishing about 19th.

Extremely happy with the way my legs felt, just disappointed I missed the break, lots of learning points for next time.

Thanks to Howard Goldberg at for the photographs – great job Uncle H.