My days exploring Yorkshire, and the Motherwell and Durham Tour Series – 23rd/27th May 2017

Motherwell Tour Series

I travelled up to family Pidcock’s house on the Monday evening. The train journey seemed to go on for ages, but thankfully Candy Crush made the trip go a lot quicker.

On the Tuesday morning I went for a quick ride out from Leeds – thanks to Tom’s Dad Giles for the route directions.  When I got back Sonja made Tom and I a Spanish omelette which went down a treat.  Soon we were off to Neils’  house to head up to Motherwell (Neil is the manager of PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT who I was guesting for). The journey up was pretty good, I had Will King, Tom and Nicky telling me how your not a proper cyclist until you’ve ridden in Yorkshire, and how polar bears live in Yorkshire in the winter 🙂 .

When we arrived we had plenty of time to ride round the course, get signed on and changed.  Thanks to Will for making me the pasta (was mint).  Before long we were lining up for the start of the race (1hr plus 5laps). To begin with it was really fast but it soon settled down.  I always tried to stay near the front, out of trouble. It was an  honour and quite cool to think that I was racing with professional riders that I’d seen on TV.   With 3 laps to go I hit the front with Tom on my wheel.  I think I was a bit too excited and the next time I came round on the front I realised I still had 2 laps left.  I was still near the front but was slipping backwards with one lap to.  I was a bit too far back in the bunch sprint, and ended up finishing 21st.  I was a bit disappointed but was really happy that I was up there and competitive.


Wednesday – Staying with Jim Brown’s Family @ Holmfirth

I woke up quite early considering I only got to sleep at 03:00 in the morning. When I came downstairs Tilly and Danielle (Jim’s sister and Mum) had already made me a coffee which was desperately needed.  I then discovered the best granola ever. Danielle makes her own granola and it was soooooooo good (I had it every day I was there).  Jim was off at school doing his maths exam.  Soon after Lee left to go to work then it was just me and Tilly left.  That morning i had to phone school to figure out how I was going to get my art course work in on time – but thanks to my amazing Mum and my amazing negotiating schools we managed to do it.  Which meant I could stay up in Yorkshire for the rest of the week.

After I had finished my art course work Tilly and me went into Holmfirth to get lunch (or dinner as i was told it was called in Yorkshire) and to do the shopping. We went to a place called Bloc, a toast orientated cafe  – we were both looking forward to avocado on toast.  Unfortunately they were out of avocado so instead I had goats cheese and fig which was quite nice.  After that we went shopping for tea. Once we had done the shopping we got the bus back to the house and started to prepare the food for later (and made the protein lemon cheese cakes).

Soon after Jim got home from school so we set off for a quick spin on the bike.  A soon as we set out I realised how much I loved Yorkshire – there were hills everywhere, and sun (I was assured that it always is sunny in Yorkshire). Jim took me on the windmills loop just a short loop around the peak district. When we got back it was time for tea and our protein cheese cakes which were awesome.


After a big bowl of the Danielle’s granola and lots of coffee,  I was off out with Jack Ford and Mason Hollyman.  They took me around most of the climbs in the area, the weather making it even better. When we finished on top of Holme Moss I realised that this is the best place to ride in Britain. When I got back we all watched the end of the Giro stage before Jack and Mason headed home.  Soon after Jim and me left on the bikes for his 10-mile TT.  After arriving we rode round to warm up because the cafe didn’t have any food I could feel a bonk coming on 🙁  After Jim finished his TT Danielle, Tilly and I went to the shops to pick up some food for tea. Tonight was chicken katsu curry.  Was even better than the one a Wagamamas.


Today after Tilly had had her last day at school we went back to Bloc determined to have the avocado on toast. Thankfully they did ! After this we went back to the house where we met Jim having returned from his last day at school.  We went of a short ride to spin the legs with Ollie Rees. Half way through we stopped off at Yummy Yorkshire (an ice cream shop) for some, you guessed it, ice cream.  To be fair it was seriously good. After that we left Ollie to head home. That evening we had Danielle’s granola for pudding and I even got to put some peanut butter on it – thanks to Danielle and Tilly for picking it up for me.

Durham Tour Series

You’re always going to have good days and bad days on a bike, and today was definitely a bad day.  Before the race I had put some high expectation on myself.  But things started to go wrong right from the warm up.  Rather than sucking it up and getting on with it, I let it effect me.  By the time I did eventually suck it up and get on with it was too late to effect the race. But I still managed to enjoy the event in a weird way.   Most importantly I took some very important lessons away from that race – which I took into the Junior CiCLE Classic which had a very positive impact the result there.

I’d just like to give a massive thanks to teamPH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT for having me as a guest rider for the Tour Series.

Big thank you as well to the Pidcock and Brown families for the hospitality 🙂