First Gym Sesh – @ Sport Wales – 19th Oct 2017

Returning From a Break – It’s Not  Easy Doing Nothing

I enjoyed a 3 week break off the bike. It’s actually not easy to do nothing !  I know its important, but a struggle at times nonetheless, I got a bit of a sniffle at the end of the second week which is really unusual for me because, touch wood, I’ve managed to avoid colds over the last few years.

But I’ve been back on the bike for a couple of weeks – feels good.

The Meeting Point

After a lot of organising I finally managed to sort out going down to the gym at Sport Wales in Sophia Gardens.

The plan was for me to meet up with James T, Sam T, Emily T, and Will Roberts on their way down to the gym.  Being the organised person that I am I woke up probably around 5 mins before I was supposed to meet them.  I stress changed into my  clothes.  Shoving cornflakes and milk into my mouth at the same time I headed out riding as fast as I could, whilst milk and cornflakes dribbled all over my kit and poor bike.

After riding 15 mins flat out I was beginning to see stars.  Fortunately I had arrived  at the meeting point.  I stopped to check if they had just ridden on  without waiting for me, as there was no sign of them.  I decided I’d just wait to see if they turned up and sure enough 15 mins later they did.  This made me realise that my 15 mins of turning myself inside out and putting my body through a whole other world of pain just 10mins after getting out of bed, as well as leaving half my cornflakes on the some Cardiff roads had been utterly pointless.  Sam explained to me I had got the wrong time that we were supposed to be meeting( I’ll blame Sam as its never my fault).

Anyway we then continued to ride to the Sport Wales gym at Sophia Gardens.

My First Gym Experience – The Bare Foot Novice

After we arrived we headed into the changing rooms. This was when I realised that during my attempt to get out of the house as quickly as possible I had forgotten my shoes – a few words went through my head which I won’t repeat here. But anyway, at least I had socks.

When I got into the gym I met up with Chris the head S&C coach for Sport Wales.  He talked me through the exercises and let me get on with them.

To begin with I felt like a complete novice pulling some interesting shapes and getting some quizzical looks from the other people in the gym, confirming that my technique was unique to say the least. This thankfully was corrected by Seb who was helping me out.

I really enjoyed the sessioned the whole experience. It was good to be bring something new into my training, and to be taking another step up.  But it was also a chance to train alongside Luke Rowe and Scott Davis.

After we had finished we all headed home back home.

The  Morning After the Day Before – The Board Awakens

I woke up the next day with legs and an upper body that were stiffer than a wooden board. And then had to go to the Welsh Cycling track session. My legs felt terrible. But I am sure this is going to strengthen me, no gain without pain.

It’s an awesome facility, the staff are really helpful.  Looking forward to the session next week.

Thanks to Sport Wales and Welsh Cycling for the support.