The Dave Rayner Dinner – 4th Nov 2017


After standing up on a train for 4hrs I arrived at Wakefield where I met Mason (Hollyman).  We went straight to Costa as a coffee was definitely needed after that journey. We found Masons Mum (Ellen) and headed back to their place where fajitas were waiting for us kindly made by Masons Dad (Nigel). I then got a thrashing on Forza from both Mason and his brother Henry – clearly got too much time on their hands those two. However that’s when we got the Wii out. Mason had come down to my place a couple of weeks earlier and we had probably spent more time on Wii Sports Resort than on the bikes. Played for about 5hrs on the Wii and eventually headed to bed at around 1am.


Jordan met us at Mason’s house, and headed off into the Strines for a hilly hack around some good Yorkshire roads.  We stopped at a really nice cafe but had to head back pretty soon as Mason needed to do his make-up etc. for the Dave Rayner dinner that evening.

Preparing to leave

The taxi arrived and off we went, meeting up with Jordan and a few others in the Holiday Inn.  Then headed over to the main hall.  From here on my memory of the night becomes quite blurry…… nahhh I was sensible ;).

We found our seats and got our meals.  I then had some really good conversations with the great and the good of the cycling world, including John Barclay, Rob Hales Gerard Hartley, Pete Georgi, Giles Pidcock.  I do like cycling people – fabulous

Lewis Hartley, Mason Hollyman, Matt Shaw, Jordan Reed, Your Truly, Mark Donovan Photo Credit: Simon Wilkinson/

We then headed to the bar and probably had a few too many before getting our taxi home at 1am . The first thing me and Mason did when we got home was Wii Sports Resort – which it turns out it’s a lot harder when you’re seeing two of everything.  At 4am we headed to bed.  Thank God Mason got me to drink a pint of water before going to bed –  this definitely saved my head  when I woke up.

The plan had been to go out on the bikes, but neither of us were really in any fit state,  so instead we decided to play some…….. yeah you guessed it Wii Sports Resort. Probably the most under appreciated game.

I hoped that the train journey back would be more pleasant, but I spent yet another 4hrs on my feet.  Thankfully Ellen made me some lunch which was well good and lasted me the whole trip.

Hopefully I’ll be back again next year for the Dave Rayner dinner.  It was such a good night and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks to family Hollyman for the hospitality, really great weekend.